The Big Trip Revisited

Read the daily account of The Big Trip on We managed to get a lot of the trip onto this blog. There are some great posts that tell parts of the story. But like an iceberg, there is way more under the surface than what you can see on top. I have 50 pages of notes about what we did in Peru and afterwards, and most of that never made it online. The challenges of using the technology we had (mobile devices won’t replace real computers anytime soon!), plus the huge time challenges we faced throughout the trip, meant — Read the Rest…

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The Big Party!

Thanks for following our blog about The Big Trip. On Feb 1 2014, we’re having The Big Party — around the world in 157 minutes. Save the date and RSVP for details. There will be photos (LOTS of photos). We have somewhere around 17,000 photos total, but we hope to get it down to a few hundred really good ones. The Big Party is also when we will unveil “The Henrys,” our version of the Oscars, where we award the best of the best from The Big Trip. Let the speculation begin about which locations were the favourites, which restaurants — Read the Rest…

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Yesterday we were walking through the lobby of our hotel, and I saw one of those chairs with an actor’s name on it, and it looked like this And I said, “it’s, it’s Karl Urban!

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We’ve made it back to our home and native land


So, we are now in Vancouver. The date line meant that we arrived at Vancouver in the early afternoon of August 28, about six hours “before” we left Auckland. (Actually it was about 13 hours between boarding and deplaning.) ¬†We had three immediate needs upon arrival at YVR: immigration/customs, baggage claim and Tim Horton’s. Guess which one had the longest wait? We managed with some effort to get from the airport, via Skytrain and foot, to Grandma Susan’s condo downtown; We were laden down with our luggage, coats and bags, and were slowed by a bag-versus-kid’s-foot incident, but we made — Read the Rest…

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Double photos


A dry place where camels can live The opposite of the rest of the animals in this place. Hint: ask Grandpa

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The Last Supper (outside Canada)


Tomorrow morning we board a flight to Auckland, and then another flight to Vancouver. We are enjoying some (garlic) bread while Barbara tries to turn the water into wine. New Zealand has been quite amazing, but sadly rather rushed. There is much that we would love to come back and see. The focus has been on Lord of the Rings locations, of which we have seen several, including Hobbiton, Mount Doom, Edoras (capital of Rohan), and Ithilien (where Frodo and Sam encounter Faramir in the Two Towers). Hobbiton is pretty special, since the set is intact, but Edoras was stunning — Read the Rest…

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Double photos


Until the end of our trip I will try to post a double photo post (two photos with captions) and you will try to guess where that photo was taken All the bug bites on my arm in ________ (where are there a lot of bugs) Me with replica Anduril sword (I don’t think this needs a hint)

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