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Did it affect your house insurance?

In our case, there was no effect on our house insurance. Maybe we’re over-insured. When we told the insurance company we were having a solar array installed on the roof, they said that was nice, and it would have no effect on our policy or premiums. Our insurer is TD insurance / Meloche Monnex.

I have heard stories from various people who had the same experience, one of them also with Meloche Monnex. On the other hand, I have also heard stories of people who’s insurer would no longer insure their property once a solar array was added, and at least one of those was also with Meloche Monnex! (Apparently, a more informed representative later confirmed for that customer that there would be no problem).

Clearly, the insurance companies are not training their representatives very well when it comes to this issue. They’re still getting their stories straight.

The solar community group and advocate, Our Power, estimates that the annual cost of insurance would be equal to about 0.2% of the cost of your system. But obviously that’s only if your insurer says they don’t already cover it.

Your mileage may vary on this one, a lot.