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Current status of the solar array

Lifetime performance

  • The solar array has generated 27,908,879 watt hours of electricity, during 5200 days of operation.
  • The microFIT program pays us for all the electricity we produce. So far we have earned: $22,226!
  • The average amount of electricity the solar array generates per day is: 10,345 watt hours.
  • On average, the total amount of electricity we use in our house per day is: 21,110 watt hours.
  • Therefore, the solar array meets nearly: 50% of our electricity needs.
  • Put another way, the total electricity generated by the solar array is enough to power our house continuously for about: 1322 days!

To learn more about the lifetime performance numbers and what they mean, visit the How much power can it produce? page.

You can also look up detailed historical graphs and logs