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How long does it take to get a contract?

I don’t know how long it takes to get a contract these days. There have been red tape backlogs at various times in the past. Here’s what I do know:

Once you have a conditional offer, it means that you will be guaranteed a microFIT contract, as long as you install a qualifying system within one year. To qualify, a system must meet all the requirements of the program, including the domestic content requirements. Basically, a certain percentage of your system must be made in Ontario. All installers know this, of course. You should discuss the details with your chosen installer.

Consult the microFIT website for the full program rules and details about the application process.

You will also need an offer to connect from your local distribution company (LDC) before the Ontario Power Authority will give you a conditional offer. This is one unfortunate change that happened since the program was originally launched. The intention at first was that qualifying systems had a right to be connected. But the powers that be at the new version of Ontario Hydro successfully fought that and won the right to refuse to connect people at their discretion. Since that change, Hydro One has been the most difficult LDC to work with.