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Links and resources

Blogs, forums and other websites dedicated to solar power

Live status information and background info about other solar power systems

Co-op ownership programs for solar power

News coverage and press releases

Information about the microFIT and FIT programs in Ontario

Books about solar power and the electricity system

  • Chasing the Sun, by Neville Williams — the fascinating story of how he created the Solar Electric Light Fund and brought solar electricity to thousands of families in the developing world
  • From Space to Earth: The Story of Solar Electricity, by John Perlin — the history of solar power revealed, from its invention to the present day
  • Electric Empire: The Inside Story of Ontario Hydro, by Paul McKay — the history of what was once the largest supplier of 100% renewable energy in the world, and how it became a greedy quasi-public corporation, fabricating forecasts of future demand to support its moves into coal-fired and nuclear generation. Ontario Hydro was so badly managed that eventually it was broken up by the government in 1998, 15 years after this book was published. Hopefully the people of Ontario will be done paying off Hydro’s debts in the next decade.

Components used in our solar power system, and hardware/software used to create this website

Solar industry companies and associations

Information about solar electricity (photovoltaics – PV)

Information about the environment and electricity production

Information about non-PV electricity production, and Ontario’s electrical system in general

Information about electricity in general

References about the energy payback time for solar power systems